How to receive this Tour Plan

We would like to encourage you to contribute to this site in the way you like.
To achieve this we ask a small fee for receiving a tour plan.
When you offer us, for example, an updated tour plan in return, we will refund the same amount!

How small is the fee.

The price is related to the quality of the tour plan:

Quality Price Description

€ 2,50

Personal tour descriptions
€ 5,00 Basic tour plan. General description of the route, estimated distance, altitude difference and time. Some additional tips, useful information about the huts, transport and so on.
€ 7,50 Standard tour plan. The route is projected on a map and is also described by means of a waypointlist.
€ 10,00 Detailed tour plan. Escape routes and alternatives are planned as well. The waypointlist contains also the GPS coordinates.

What do I get.

Open the Tour plan Tödi  (8 Mbyte). for a Tour plan example. 

What else can I expect. 

Beside the tour plan you can expect.

bulletMarschskizze (Excel sheets)
bulletScanned maps including the calibration file (for OziExplorer).
bulletVideo of the tour (on DVD)

when available.

What next.

Fill in the “get in contact” form and you will receive an e-mail with your username and password.
Login on the Toerskien FTP-server and download the requested information.
To complex? Ask for a CD or DVD (additional cost for the parcel).

When you live outside the Netherlands you can send the fee by post (International money transfer is to expensive).

You can offer your contribution in the same way.
Every contribution will be rewarded, even so when you didn’t request a tour plan before.