Walkie-talkie Frequency list.

The frequencies listed below are guidelines; ask locally for changes and new frequencies! 
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Some of the channels do have a separated Send (s) - and Receive (r) channel. 
See also the 'relay' setting in your walkie-talkie user manual. 

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From autumn 1997 on, Switzerland has one emergency channel: 161.300. You have to "open" it by a ZVEI five tone (send - wait - REGA initiates contact). 
For more information about upgrading your walkie-talkie with this code: get in contact
The SAC channel (159.200) is also often used in case of emergency.


In the western part of Wallis you have, most of the time, a good connection with Televerbier because of the high altitude of the ski station on the mt. Fort (154.500). 
You can use the police channel (***,***) for the rest of Wallis. The police relay on the Eggishorn gives coverage on the Aletsch gletscher.

bulletOn the Italian site of the mt. Rosa massif you can reach the guardians of the Theodul-, the Ayas-, the Sella- and the Mantova hut. 
In wintertime, you can not expect a guardian in The mt. Rosa hut.  
bulletDuring the winter in the Ecrins, you can't expect the presence of a guardian in any hut. 
A relay is not available so you need to have eye contact with civilization.
bulletInform about the frequency they use and ask when the have switched on as well! 
Not only in Switzerland but also in Italia and Austria.
bulletIn case somebody has fallen into a crevasse, the rescue team needs a Compressor and a tripod. 
When you have radio contact inform them immediately by saying:  ”Spaltenunfall, bitte Kompressor und Dreibein mitfuhren!”.


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