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Bert de Ruiter

Hugo van der Sluys

Pieter Ringersma

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Bert de Ruiter en Hugo van der Sluys used to join the organised backcountry skitours of the Toeren commissie
This organisation is related to the Dutch Ski Club (NskiV) and the Dutch Mountenairing club (NKBV). These tours are always conducted by a professional ski mountaineering guide. It was due to an accident, our guide disappeared in a crevasse, that we made the decision to follow a training for backcountry ski instructor (kader opleiding tot toerski-instructeur). This training is facilitated by section Winter of the NKBV. During this training we met Pieter Ringersma. Together we started touring as independent backcountry skiers. 
Our main consideration, in all the tours we did together, is safety. For that reason we plan our tours thoroughly and we are using every available technical aid. On this site we share our experience with you.