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Bündner Haute Route Graubünden  

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1.  Introduction

This route starts in Spinas (1800m), just north of the mondaine Sankt Moritz, and goes through a impressive mountain area and ends in Davos (1558 m). Davos, the cradle of alpine skiing, is the place where they first started to operate the a ski lift. From Spinas you can follow the Beverin, a river stream through Val Bever and clime up gently until you reach the Chamanna Jenatsch at an altitude of 2652 m. This is one of the three possible routes to the first hut of this tour. The next day you can ski down the Piz Laviner until Naz (1747 m). Down the valley you will find the beautiful place Bergün where you can stay for the night.
The route to Chamanna d'Es-Cha crosses the Fuorcla Pischa (2871 m). From this hut you can clime the Piz Kesch, with 3417 altimeters one of the most impressive tops in this area. Ski down to the next hut, Chamanna digl Kesch. After climbing the Piz Grialetsch you can go to the hut with the same name, Chamanna da Grialetsch (2542 m). This is the last hut of this tour. We planned to stay here two nights. On the last day but one you can stay on top of the Piz Sarsura, a nice ski mountain with offers you a panoramic view. This tour ends with a crossing of the Flüela Schwarzhorn. At the N-side you can descend to the Flüelapas and Davos.
From Davos you can catch the train to get back to Bever or Sankt Moritz.


Vorige Volgende