Pieter Ringersma
Hugo van der Sluys

Tour description

This tour is also known as the Urschner Haute Route. You will cross several top around the village of Andermatt. From the Oberalppas, over the Gotthard, Furka to Göschenen. This area is interesting but not very frequently visited by backcountry skiers. This might be due to the long distance on the third day. Also the difficulty SS (sehr schwierig) for the passage on the fifth day might be a problem (consider a rope). But you have several alternatives.

From the Albert-Heimhütte you can decent to Hospental  instead of climbing the difficult coll to reach the Göschener valley.

From the Vermighelhütte you can return to Andermatt to take a train (3rd day).

From the Rotondohütte you have several options for an interesting day tour.

For the indication of the amount of altitude meters, distance and time the assumption has been made that you will take a train on the 3rd day. It expects that you can stay overnight in Refuge Furka as well.


The huts listed below will be visited during this tour. The Vermighelhütte is always accessible but the warden is only present in the weekend. You can click the link for additional information and check the availability of a warden as well. Refuge Furke could be completely closed so you might have to skip this hut!

bulletCamona da Maighels
Toon de ligging van de hut op de kaart.
Toon de ligging van de hut op de kaart.
Toon de ligging van de hut op de kaart.
bulletRefuge Furka
Toon de ligging van de hut op de kaart.

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