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The High Tatra is a small mountain area situated on the border of Poland and Slovakian. Because it is a young mountain the cols and peaks are considerably steep. Due to this, the possibilities for backcountry touring are limited. But when you are a good mountaineer and you do not hesitate to clime snowfield that ends up in a steepness varying from 40 to 48 degrees you can have a marvellous time. Of course you will need stable snow conditions. If not, the only scenario that is left is walking up the valley to the hut. The altitude differences and the distances are limited so it is also very worthwhile to visit this area in case you are not a fast climber. People who are looking for a more challenging tour can consider to start their tour from Chata pri Zelenom plese to go to the Teryho chata by crossing the Baranie sedlo. This will be a touch start. (the other way round you will need a rope to rappel for at least 40 meters. A chain for connecting your rope is available. Once the Chata pod Rysmi is rebuild you will be able to tour through the western part of the High Tatra as well. The huts in the High Tatra have its own atmosphere and will also contribute to a very special tour


The huts mentioned below will be visited in this tour. Normally they will be open. For additional information you can click the link.

bulletZamkovskeho Chata
bulletTeryho Chata
bulletZbojnicka Chata

Photo's and video.

Start of the tour in the High Tatra  (389131 bytes) Teryho hut  (307186 bytes) Zbojnicka hut  (289779 bytes)


Photographer: Hugo van der Sluys (312510 bytes). Photographer: Hugo van der Sluys (304351 bytes). Photographer: Hugo van der Sluys (286037 bytes).

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