Hugo van der Sluys

Tour description

The place Névache is situated in the Alpes Maritimes (France). The area, with the same name, is located just North of Briancon and east of Col du Galibier. This region has, due to the southern location, typically much sunny days but also enough snow. The tour starts  and ends in l' Alpe du Lauzet, a hamlet east of the Col du Lautaret. During this round trip you will go through beautiful valleys and clime several mountains, including the Mont Thabor (3178 m).


The huts listed below will be visited during this tour. You can’t expect a host in refuge du Mont Thabor during the touring season but you will have access to this hut. All other huts offer full service but can be full because some of them are easily accessible.

bulletAuberge du Chardonnet
bulletRifuge de Ricou
bulletRefuge Tre Alpini
bulletRefuge du Mont Thabor
bulletRifuge des Drayeres

Photo's and video

The following sites gives you a photo impression of this tour:
Webshots of Bert de Ruiter
Homepage of Pieter Ringersma.(with tour description)

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Auberge du Chardonnet (307 kbytes) Rifuge de Ricou (329 kbytes) la Replate (281 kbytes) la Replate (333 kbytes)


La Grave (256 kbytes) la Grave (303 kbytes) Ruisseau du Chardonnet (3680 kbytes) Nevache  (315 kbytes)


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