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Hugo van der Sluys
Bert de Ruiter

Tour description

The Pirin Mountains are situated in the southwestern part of Bulgaria. They run from the north-west to the south-east between the rivers Struma and Mesta. Pirin has an Alpine relief - rocky marble or granite peaks and cliffs, deep cirques, well shaped glacier valleys and numerous lakes. Sixty mountains are above 2500 meters. The highest peak is Vihren with an altitude of 2914 meters. There are 13 chalets and 4 shelters in the Pirin Mountains. Only huts (like the Javorov, the Banderica or the Pirin chalet) close to civilisation might be guarded in wintertime. This tour will follow, for a great deal, the European E4 route. It takes 5 days with an option for an extra day. 
In case the conditions are not well enough to pass Koncheto (the Foal) you can follow the lower route. The Tourplan describes three alternative routes as well. The map of the Pirin Mountains (1:55.000 scale) gives you an indication, rather than a detailed description. A GPS-grid fails and all information is written in Cyrillic. The routes are marked very well (by colour coded signs) but in winter time most of them are covered with snow. 
Touring in the Pirin Mountains is a challenge but also rewarding. Bulgaria offers you nature and culture in it own unforgettable way. This Tourplan can help you to make it successful.


The huts mentioned below can be visited in this tour.

bulletYavorov mountain hut
bulletVihren mountain hut
bulletTevno Ezero shelter
bulletKamenica mountain hut
bulletPirin mountain hut
bulletRozen monastery

The Tourplan gives you several alternatives. It is possible to scip the Kamenica mountain hut.


Church in Bansko (151242 bytes) Todorka (114241 bytes) Vihren hut, bathroom (148537 bytes) Glavnishka Porta ridge (279873 bytes)


Tevno Ezero (92693 bytes) Valley nearby Rozen monastary (186370 bytes) shepherd.jpg (185417 bytes) Wine cellar (164358 bytes)


Filmer and editing: Hugo van der sluys.
Duration: 40:28. 

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The Tourplan is written in English.

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