Bert de Ruiter
Hugo van der Sluys
Pieter Ringersma

Tour description

This tour starts in the village Binn. Due to the isolated location, this village preserved  his identical character. On the second day you will cross the border with Italy. The contrast in weather conditions between Switzerland and Italy can be significant. In case of avalanche danger level 3 it might be difficult to find an alternative route to complete your tour. This is because of the steepness of the passes in this area. The difficulty level of this tour is rated as S. This is the case when you follow the plan. But you can find enough alternative routes to reduce the overall level to ZS-. On the last day you will return to Switzerland. This is also the longest day but you can also choice for an easy decent.

Seen from the alpine and sportive perspective this tour is quit interesting. On the Italian site you will find traces of civilisation. This makes the landscape less attractive but it is still interesting enough for a visit.
This tour ends where the
Lauteraar Tour starts, namely Munster.


 During the touring season the warden of the Binntal hut won't be there. You can expect a host in the other huts but it is good to check it by your self (just click on the name of the hut). 
You will visit the following hut during this tour:

bulletBinntal Hütte
bulletRifugio Margaroli E
bulletRifugio Maria Luisa
bulletRifugio Mores


To see the map of this touring area, click on this logo: Bedretto toer gebied..

Photo's and video

The following sites gives you a photo impression of this tour: 
Webshots from Bert de Ruiter

Homepage from Pieter Ringersma.
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The tour plan is written in Dutch.


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