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Bert de Ruiter
Hugo van der Sluys
Pieter Ringersma

Tour description

This tour starts where the Bedretto tour ended, at Munster in the Rhone Valley. From there the tour goes, in northern direction, through the magnificent Lauteraarregion. Beside the tour as described, the area offers al lot of opportunities varying from an easy day tour to a long and demanding alternatives. The Lauteraarregion has a lot of high mountains like the Finsteraarhorn, Oberaarhorn or the Lauteraarhorn. To travel through this region you have to cross glaciers. Your preparation should be according to high altitude circumstances. Some of the huts, like the Galmihorn hütte and the Lauteraarhütte are likely to be unguarded. In case of bad weather or snow conditions you might be stuck in a hut because some of them are hard to reach, especially the Lauteraarhutte. This rewarding tour ends in Innertkirchen. In case you have just one car, it might be a good idée to park it in Interlagen and travel by train to Munster. From Innertkirchen you can take a taxi to the next railway station that will bring you to Interlagen again.


The huts mentioned below will be visited in this tour. The GalmihornHütte belongs to a Privat Ski-Club and is not always open. Availability of a winter raum is not clear. The Lauteraarhütte is unguarded but will be open. For additional information you can click the link.

Toon de ligging van de hut op de kaart.
Toon de ligging van de hut op de kaart.
Toon de ligging van de hut op de kaart.
Toon de ligging van de hut op de kaart.


Climbing the Firehorn (268812 bytes) Climbing to the Lauteraarhutte (302285 bytes) Climbing to the Oberaarjochhutte (273278 bytes) Lavatory at the Oberaarjochhutte (333205 bytes)


Climbing up to the Scheucherjoch (308146 bytes) Scheucherjoch (292357 bytes) Morning walk (261679 bytes) Glacher (280551 bytes)


Filmer and editing: Hugo van der sluys.
Duration: 32:56. 

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