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Bert de Ruiter
Hugo van der Sluys
Pieter Ringersma

Tour description

This tour goes through a impressive mountain area and starts in Val Bever, located just north of the fashionable Sankt Moritz, and ends in Davos (1558 m). Davos, the cradle of alpine skiing, developed the first ski lift in the thirties. You can have a gently start from Spinas (1815 m) or take a ski lift to P. Nair (3056m) and ski down to Chamanna Jenatsch (2652m), the first hut in this tour. On the next day you can clime the Piz Laviner and ski down to Naz (1747 m). Walk a little bit further and you are in the beautiful village Bergün where you can stay for the night. The route to de Chamanna d'Es-Cha crosses the Fuorcla Pischa (2871 m). This hut is a good starting point for climbing the Piz Kesch. This mountain is, with his altitude of 3417 meter, one of the most impressive top in this area. After a nice descent you will stay for the night in Chamanna digl Kesch. The last hut in this tour is Chamanna da Grialetsch (2542 m). From the Kesch hut you can clime the Piz Grialetsch to get there. You can stay in the Grialetsch for two nights. On the last day but one, you will be on top of the Piz Sasura from where you have a beautiful sight. The last top in this tour is the  Flüela Schwarzhorn. The north face of this mountain brings you to the Flüelapas and Davos.

You can get  back to Bever or Sankt Moritz by train.


See also the Tourplan example for more information about this tour.


The huts, listed below, will be visited in this tour. Normally, all huts will be open during the touring season. See also the web-site of the corresponding hut by clicking the link.

bulletChamanna Jenatsch
Toon de ligging van de hut op de kaart.
bulletBergun (village with several hotels)
Toon de ligging van Bergun op de kaart.
bulletChamanna Es-cha
Toon de ligging van de hut op de kaart.
bulletChamanna digl Kesch
Toon de ligging van de hut op de kaart.
bulletChamanna da Grialetsch
Toon de ligging van de hut op de kaart.

Photo's and video

The Homepage of Pieter Ringersma gives you a foto impression of this tour.


The Tourplan is written in Dutch. 

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