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Welcome to the Dutch Tour ski site.

This site is interesting for backcountry skiers who are looking for good tour suggestions. In case you want to plan you own tour, you can find here all the information you need.

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Ortler.   Klimber: Bert de Ruiter   Photographer: Hugo van der Sluys  (528000)

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Filmer and editor for all the video's:  Hugo van der Sluys.

Behalve Toerski weken in de Alpen, Canada en ScandinaviŽ boven de Poolcirkel biedt Edward Bekker nu als primeur Toerskien in Japan aan.

Naast het alom bekende aanbod uit het skitoerenprogramma van de NKBV
wordt er dit jaar voor het eerst een cursus

Een cross-country skireis in Noorwegen (Rondane) of Fins Lapland wordt dit seizoen georganiseerd door Vasasport.
Een tocht door het
Russisch Lapland (
Kola) behoort ook tot de mogelijk heden.
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Skier: Hugo van der Sluys     Photographer: Bert de Ruiter.

Caution - Avalanches
Brochure with all essential information to justice the avalanche risk.
(english, pdf, 1 Mb)

Tour suggestions

Looking for a good suggestion? 
See the
Tour plans for precooked ski tours. 
It offers you a variety of well prepared ski tours in:
and, of course, Switzerland

In the Literature list you can find books with day-tour suggestions and literature that describe a complete tour.

You are still looking for a attractive ski tour?
See the "
Interesting links" in the Information chapter for an overview of related web sites.

Interested in an Organised tour, the Link page gives you an overview of organisations and travel agents.

Tourplan:                Juf

3D-view of the LKS Nufenenpass (map nr. 265)

Climbing with skins can be tranquil. The rhythm of the shuffling feeds, the sound of your own breath. You are surrounded by a beautiful scenery that will (dis)solve all your sorrows. This is the experience of the ultimate joy, especially when you ski down in perfect snow.As a backcountry skier you will, generally, not walk the beaten track. Being remote is a potential risk. Make it your challenge to control all the risk as much as you can.
To achieve this, a good condition, knowledge and experience are important but also a good preparation. This site supports you in planning your tour.

bulletA Tour plan structuralize the planning of a ski tour. It can be compared with a Flight plan and should be a obligation for every independent backcountry skier.  
It is based on the principles of  3 x 3 method  (planning at home, local planning and observation during touring). 

For a first impression, have al look at the Tour plan Example of the
BŁndner Haute Route GraubŁnden in the Tour planning chapter.
bulletAn important aspect of the preparation at home is the creation of the Route plan. 
A Route plan gives you a good expectation of the duration. It helps you to find your route in case of pour visibility and it makes you aware of the risks. Select Route planning in the Tour planning chapter. Here you will find a Calculation sheet that will help you to plan your day tour.
bulletBooks, touring guides and so on are essential for planning your own tour. In case you like to do a standard tour, the menu books can be very valuable.
This site gives you an overview of the
Available Literature. You can read the abstract of in total 90 titles. The books published last season or later (15 in total) are indicated with 
bulletWe call it all snow but the crystals can have all kind of shapes. It can fell down as flakes but under strong wind conditions tiny stars will reach the earth. Due to the wind, the properties of the now will be complete different.
After falling down the snow will undergo a complete metamorphosis. Every stadium has its impact on the stability of the snow layer.
Get to now more about snow for a better understanding of the avalanche risk (select Snow Sense in the Handbook). See for more information the Instruction books in the literature list.
bulletOn the market you will find a wide variety of GPS types. Which model fulfils my needs? Must it include an altitude meter or a compass? Read all about it (Dutch), but remember: a GPS is an addition tool and not a replacement for your map, altitude meter and compass! See also the Interesting links in the information chapter.

Mannliflue.   Photographer: Hugo van der Sluys.

Steps to plan a tour.

Interested in planning 
your own tour ? 
This site can be a great help! 

Just follow the next steps:

  1. First, have a look at the Tour plan example in the Tour planning chapter.

  2. Download the
    Tour plan template.

  3. Find and order the necessary Maps 
    (see the interesting links in the information chapter).

  4. Select the 
    Guide book 
    you need..

  5. Find out the appropriate
    Difficulty level 
    of the routes.
    (See difficulty level in the handbook)

  6. Check out the telephone numbers for Weather and avalanche 

  7. Select your 
    Packing list

  8. Plan, for each day, the routes with the web-based Calculation sheet.

  9. Complete your tour plan with a 
    Daily checklist.
    (See the checklist in the handbook chapter)

  10. Plan your Local transport
    (See the transport links in the information chapter)


Notes from the webmaster:

We are working on the translation of most of the information you can find on 
So you might be confronted with the Dutch language. 
Our excuse for any disappointment.

In case you are interested in pictures, Bert is a professional photographer who can offer you a wide variety of nice pictures. 
Get in contact
for a overview of all his work!. 

Our intention is to keep all the information up to date and correct as possible. 
But in the end you are responsible for your own safety! 
So check the information and keep us informed. 
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It is not allowed to use any information or pictures of this site for commercial reasons without Permission.






























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Nieuw, Interactieve site voor en door toerskiŽrs 

ToerskiŽ is een initiatief van enthousiaste leden van de NSkiV en NKBV die hun passie voor toerskiŽn graag delen.
Voor wie (nog) niet toe is aan zelfstandig toeren is er een aantrekkelijk aanbod aan cursussen en toerski tochten.

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